First Food Delivery Arrived! Incredible Team Work

Originally Posted to LinkedIn by Co-Founder John Botti

Yesterday was the day we’ve been waiting for! Teamwork in action. US Army Veteran and SOAR trucker Dave Lemon arrived safely Saturday morning with our first truckload of food for the families of the South Bronx. Dan Diaz and his East Side House team will be distributing food to Bronx community families.

The day was captured by ABC7NY Eyewitness News, the story and video clip is here:

Your generous donations and volunteer support helped make this happen and we cannot thank you enough. Over 1,300 of you have given to the GoFundMe campaign raising over $150,000 – amazing!

We’ve also received in-kind donations from the following:

– Zaro’s Family Bakery donated their loading dock, storage space and logistical support

– RXR Realty donated food storage space for community distribution

– SOAR Transportation donation of refrigerated truck, driver wages, and fuel that came from Idaho

– A crew of 20+ volunteers from East Side House Settlement worked all day and unloaded the boxes and packed them into family-size bags

– Fordham Prep HS students raised funds for U-Hauls to locally transport goods and joined the packing crew

– PPE from an anonymous donor protected the volunteers

The list grows by the day as more and more people come together to help. All of us on the Farms to Food Banks Team are so grateful for your help.

More to come soon!

p.s. Follow us on Twitter at @farms2foodbanks

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