Farms to Food Banks – Day 2 Update

Originally posted to LinkedIn by Co-Founder John Botti

Dear Friends,

Since my last post two days ago, a lot of powerful things have happened for our project Farms to Food Banks.

As I mentioned, there is a stark juxtaposition right now in America. Farmers’ vegetable crops are going to waste due to supply chain disruption and economic collapse, while other Americans right here in South Bronx NYC are on the brink of starvation due to food banks being overwhelmed and undersupplied.

This is a problem that we can help solve together, right now. 

We are mobilizing a bootstrapped effort, Farms to Food Banks, to transport food from farmers to food banks and needy families in South Bronx. We launched a GoFundMe Sunday night.

We have had an incredible first couple of days! 

●      Raised $21,130 on GoFundMe with 32 donors and growing quickly

●      $2,400 was donated by a couple who are “investing their Stimulus Checks to feed the neediest community during this humanitarian crisis”

●      Received a $5,000 grant from the Rotary Club of New York

●      $8,640 in founding donations to launch the effort

●      Total money raised since launch is over $34,750 and counting!

●      43,000 pounds of potatoes purchased to support Cranney Farms in Idaho, who already donated over 2 million potatoes to those in need

●      2,000 donated PPE masks and gloves shipped to South Bronx volunteers and families

●      Three @SOARTransportationGroup refrigerated tractor trailers, truck drivers and fuel (100% donated by SOAR). The first truck left Idaho Sunday.

●      Dave, our first truck driver and U.S. Military Veteran, arrives in New York this Friday

●      Three U-Haul rental trucks for local distribution donated by high school students from Fordham Prep’s Build the Bronx Club

●      Hundreds of @EastSideHouseSettlement staff and volunteers in South Bronx mobilized and waiting for food to distribute to 5,000+ families

This first food shipment is enough to partially feed 4,000 families of four for 5 days!

But it’s not nearly enough. We need your help.

Our Mission and Objectives are:


Feeding those in dire need in hard-hit New York. We accept donated food, farm produce going to waste, and will purchase discounted food directly from struggling farmers to also support them.


We fundraise to pay for the food costs, the fuel and wages for truckers.


Friend-raising through social media and networks to raise hope and inspire people to take action.  We are lighting candles in the darkness.

Please contact me with ways you can help. Connect us to farmers who we can help with our purchases as well.

Our actions are impacting lives, now.

With gratitude,

John Botti and Team

P.S. We need 5,000 to 10,000 boxes (BOX20 size) or 20,000 paper bags with handles donated or deeply discounted for purchase, so ESHS volunteers can break down shipments into family size carryable boxes or paper bags for distribution. Free advertising for any companies with their brand already on it.