$1.5 Million Raised. 185K+ Fed.

“Whenever there was a catastrophe, my mother would say ‘Always look for the helpers. If you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there’s hope.’”  – Fred “Mister” Rogers. 


All eight of us, plus our devoted partners at East Side House, are absolutely overwhelmed by the helpers who came through for this initiative and the impact that you’ve had.  Over 2,100 donors, foundations, plus corporations big and small, came together to raise over 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS and counting to help farmers and the hungry when it was needed most. In a year of chaos and turmoil, you have not just given us help, you’ve given us hope. 


What started out as some friends and an idea grew into something we never imagined – because of you and others like you. Giving inspires giving, and your gift motivated others to pitch in and give whatever they could, from time, to skills, to goods, to funds.  Together, we’ve helped rescue over 960,000 pounds of food and feed over 185,000 people.  That is no small feat. 


Here is our collective impact to date:


Impact to date:

  • Distributed over 960,000 pounds of food to people in immediate need in the Bronx, New York City 
  • Fed over 185,000 people
  • Opened a warehouse to help ramp up capacity as the need continues to climb


Through a partnership with Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund, we: 

  • Are well on our way to achieving our shared goal of rescuing 1.2 million pounds of seasonal crops to feed 230,000 people in need.
  • Support Black American farmers through a partnership with The Federation of Southern Cooperatives, from whom East Side House is purchasing crops


Funds raised:

  •       GoFundMe donors: over $248,253 and counting
  •       Rotary Club of New York $55,000 
  •       Gen Next Foundation $10,000
  •       Seed money $8,650
  •       Corporate gifts: $1,200,000 


 TOTAL:   $1,521,903



Afya Foundation

Fordham Prep’s Build the Bronx Club

Gen Next Foundation

GoFundMe Donors

Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund

Kelso & Company

LJ Duffy Contract Furniture

Laura Lemle Family Foundation


Miami Club Rum

RXR Realty

Robert & Barbara Quinn Family Foundation

Rotary Club of New York

SOAR Transportation

Tony Palimeri of Garden State Consolidating

Wendy Rubin/ Gerald L. Lennard Foundation

Woolco Foods

Zaro’s Family Bakery


Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021. Thank you for making a world of difference in the lives of so many in 2020.


John Botti
Christina Clark
Jon Lloyd-Jones
Chang Kim
Marc Kramer
Bill Mehliesen
Chris Weeks
Eric Wittenberg